How we’re organized? We’re busy bees

Rather than following a traditional, hierarchical organizational model, we’ve created our own – with nature as our source of inspiration. We call our organizational model ‘the beehive’. The beehive is a living organism: it grows organically, just like our expertise and solution offerings. And as with all living organisms, our organization is built to adapt – so we aren’t surprised when things change or evolve quickly. In fact: we encourage it! So, yes, you could say we’re quite the busy bees.

marketing & communication supply chain & operations data & analytics finance cloud & infrastructure information management HR technology business consulting internal positions software development supply chain & operatons data & analytics marketing & communication finance cloud & infrastructure HR technology business consulting internal positions software development information management supply chain & operatons data & analytics marketing & communication finance cloud & infrastructure HR technology business consulting internal positions software development information management

As a junior you can start in any of these domains.

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We try to cluster those who work in a specific field of expertise. As a result, we have more than 30 highly autonomous teams, sharing the same values and working in unison towards a common goal. We strongly believe in cross-pollination and foster collaboration across teams.  Are you a busy bee, too? Buzz around our beehive and check out the different areas:


Cloud and Infrastructure

Our ultimate goal is to take away all of our clients’ infrastructure-related worries, mainly by connecting their organization to the cloud. As pioneers in cloud-based solutions, we collaborate closely with developers. We consider Azure the platform for the future, but also have a strong partnership with SAP.


Data and Analytics

The main goal of the work we do as data consultants, is to help our customers to get to know their own company even better. We’re a mixed group of experienced data lovers, skilled in data cleaning, data warehousing, data analytics, data management and data science.



We see finance from a unique, IT-based point of view. We give the financial department at our customers the necessary tools to gain insights into their financial flows. Having adopted a very hands-on approach, we implement and configure existing IT systems to digitize and automate financial flows.

Internal positions

Internal Positions

We provide delaware with locally-based support in an international context. We are a high-impact team and act as a sparring partner of the business. Not only do we enable the work that our business units do, our suggestions and initiatives to improve delaware’s way of working are highly valued as well.

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HR Technology

Do you share our passion for HR? Check out our open positions and see how we guide HR departments towards digitized Hire-to-Retire processes.

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Information Management

We advise and support organizations to manage the entire life cycle of business (critical) information to bring structure to chaos. Are you a pioneer in creating and realizing new solutions? Do you like to take organizations to the next level?


Marketing and Communication

We combine the best practices in marketing with an in-depth knowledge of the technologies that drive both digital transformation and communication. We provide our customers with the content, strategy and tools to do their own marketing.

Software Development

Software Development

We want our developers to be entrepreneurs, to take ownership of the solutions they develop, eager to solve the issues they encounter. As developers, we’re proud of the solutions we’ve built. Do you also take pride in what you do?


Supply Chain and Operations

Our consultants rely on sound business knowledge and take a helicopter view of how a business is managed. It actually takes a skilled consultant to be able to customize and future-proof existing systems in such ways that they keep meeting the customer’s needs.