Unlock a single, complete overview of every customer

An integrated, cloud-based platform, Salesforce enables businesses to optimize marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT processes and to offer customers seamless, personalized experiences.

As a result, the solution empowers companies to attract more buyers, deliver integrated interactions, engage deeply with customers and automate a wide range of manual tasks using custom apps.

One source of truth, limitless opportunities to delight

From marketing and sales to commerce and customer service, the Salesforce CRM platform offers every customer-facing employee in a business access to the same, 360-degree view of every customer.

This rich, centralized source of insight comes with data-driven, customer-centric functionalities that make it simple for companies of all shapes and sizes to:

  • tailor marketing campaigns to customer segments;
  • deeply understand the needs and pain points of their customers;
  • deliver an integrated shopping experience across multiple channels;
  • inspire customer loyalty through engagement and communication;

…and much more.

Anouk Thomas

Senior Business Advisor

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Cutting-edge capabilities come built in

Salesforce ranks #1 in the world by IDC for four consecutive years. The CRM platform comes packed with innovative features that make it the tool of choice for hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world, transforming into a future-proof way of working, including:

  • Artificial intelligence: boost productivity, inspire loyal customers and make decisions even faster with the Salesforce smart assistant.
  • Mobile-first design: benefit from integrated, functional accessibility and collaboration, anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Powerful analytics: ensure that every employee in your business is empowered to act on data-driven insights.

delaware accelerates growth in Salesforce through partnerships with Scalefactory & Cloud Innovation

In June 2023, delaware announced that the people of Scalefactory and Cloud Innovation were officially joining delaware, creating a team of 60 people strong. With this move, delaware is significantly expanding its Salesforce offering and broadening its portfolio of customer relationship management solutions even further. 

“By bringing the teams and the ambitions from Scalefactory, Cloud Innovation and delaware together, we can offer our customers more speed and deeper knowledge in Salesforce technology,", says Juan Staes, partner at delaware and leading the Salesforce practice. Read the full announcement here.

we automate and optimize processes from lead to cash. Because of its many possibilities and excellent usability, Salesforce is the main facilitator and the foundation of our offering
Stijn Wijndaele - Co-founder of Scalefactory

Preparing the Gighouse platform for a career abroad

Gighouse, a successful digital matching platform for freelancers, has been prepped for an international career with improved scalability and reliability thanks to the powerful Salesforce software. Discover in this case how Scalefactory and delaware made the platform more future-proof and customer-friendly.