robotic process automation

robotic process automation

Explore the transformative potential of RPA to reshape industries and unlock new possibilities

Embark on a digital transformation journey that redefines your organization's efficiency and unleashes its true potential. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) stands at the forefront of this revolution, empowering you to reimagine your processes and allowing your business to reach new heights.

Automate to create more impact

With RPA in place, software robots perform various routine tasks - like invoicing, onboarding, and contract management. This enables your staff to focus their time and expertise on impactful activities that drive results

What is RPA and what can it do for you?

RPA allows organizations to automate processes at a fraction of the costs of traditional IT solutions

How RPA can help

Towards the self-driven back office

Automate high volume, standardised, repetitive tasks based on pre-defined rules and parameters that require access to multiple – siloed – systems. Set yourself up for success with delaware’s step-by-step approach to RPA – from ideation to implementation, and beyond.

  • Proof of concept
  • Implementation services
  • Advanced training
  • Support services

The Automation Center of Excellence

The Automation CoE (Center of Excellence) will serve as a centralized hub for automation expertise, best practices, and governance, enabling your organization to optimize processes, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve strategic goals.

With the right strategy, resources, and governance in place, the Automation CoE will become a vital asset in our journey towards a more automated and efficient future.

Supported RPA solutions

At delaware, we have experience with and expertise in a wide range of RPA software tools. Whether you’re looking for leading vendors like UiPath, visionaries like Microsoft and Servicetrace, or niche player like SAP – we’ve got you covered on the road to robot-driven efficiency.

Create meaningful impact. Get started with RPA.

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