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How we're organized? We're busy bees

Rather than following a traditional, hierarchical organizational model, we’ve created our own – with nature as our source of inspiration. We call our organizational model ‘the beehive’. The beehive is a living organism: it grows organically, just like our expertise and solution offerings. And as with all living organisms, our organization is built to adapt – so we aren’t surprised when things change or evolve quickly. In fact: we encourage it! So, yes, you could say we’re quite the busy bees.

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we try to cluster those who work in a specific field of expertise. as a result, we have more than 30 highly autonomous teams, sharing the same values and working in unison towards a common goal. we strongly believe in cross-pollination and foster collaboration across teams.  are you a busy bee, too? buzz around our beehive and check out the different areas: