Data and analytics

Data and analytics

Harness the new technologies that match your growth ambition

Data is everywhere – and it’s waiting to be used to drive the development of new business processes and disruptive new business models. Your company’s ability to harness the power of data is the key to future-proof decision-making and the great differentiator of the digital age.

Even more, data is used to power emerging machine-learning platforms that drive truly intelligent business processes with minimal input. However, in this dawning era of digitally made decisions, it’s important to balance the complementary advantages of human and machine.

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How RMB’s data strategy maximized its clients’ advertising ROI

Régie Média Belge (RMB) is the second largest advertising agency in the French-speaking part of Belgium. A few years ago, the organization decided to implement a new business model and give data a more central place. Eventually, that updated strategy improved internal operational efficiency, and enabled customers to maximize the value of their advertising space. To make that data-focused approach sustainable in the long run, RMB partnered up with delaware. 

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The 4 stages of leveraging data

Capturing data

Identifying the appropriate data to track is the first step toward high-impact business intelligence. 

Management & governance

Having the data isn’t enough; it also has to be clean, accurate and relevant. A concrete approach to data management and governance is a key step towards real insights. 

Modeling & analytics

Raw data is virtually useless. Structuring it in a way that meets your needs is the fast track to unlocking its secrets. 

Consuming data

In this final step, data is leveraged using data visualization, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive approaches, enabling the development of a data-driven organization.  

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The foundations of a healthy data culture

In the modern organization, data is everywhere. And so are the tools, platforms, and applications that promise us shortcuts to valuable insights. But technology alone isn’t enough: an increasing number of business leaders are starting to realize that establishing a healthy data culture is paramount to becoming a data-driven organization. The question is: how? Watch Charlotte Bayart's presentation during our delaware conference or read the blog

your company’s ability to harness the power of data is the key to future-proof decision-making and the great differentiator of the digital age

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