More insights into the numbers

At delaware, we see finance from a unique, IT-based point of view. We give the financial department at our customers the necessary tools to gain insights into their financial flows. Having adopted a very hands-on approach, we implement and configure existing IT systems to digitize and automate financial flows.

A 3-wave roadmap

To be able to outline our customers’ financial maturity, we have developed a financial roadmap. This 3-wave transformation model illustrates how a company can evolve from focusing on operational aspects that increase efficiency to using smart tools that create true value.

Our added value

As finance consultants, we use IT on a more functional level. We aren’t developers, nor programmers. We translate our customers’ financial processes into IT solutions, with a special focus on the SAP and Microsoft ecosystems. No need to be a computer scientist, though; the best finance consultants combine sound business knowledge with an affinity for IT.

the people who work here aren’t plain number crunchers. They think beyond debit, credit, P&Ls and balances
Sebastiaan De Roeck - Manager SAP Finance

Finance drives change

Are you ready to join in the thought process?

  • Let’s make accounting and billing run as smooth and automated as possible
  • Let’s use IT solutions to limit the time spent on repetitive tasks and guide our customers towards efficiency
  • Let’s give people the time to improve. Finance is the strategic driver of change!

Jobs in Finance

meet the team

Sebastiaan De Roeck

Manager SAP Finance
Finance and IT are inextricably linked. During this time of new possibilities, we don’t stand on the edge, wondering what the future of Finance and Business Controlling will look like. At delaware, you get to shape that future.

Sophie Kreins

Consultant Dynamics Finance
No two days are the same. I work on multiple projects, each of them with specific challenges. One day I am preparing a training session for key users, while the next I am configuring an invoice processing solution or coaching a junior colleague in writing a blueprint document.
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Kevin Vanhede

Consultant Dynamics Finance
Finance overarches multiple business processes, so you get a broad overview of the customer’s business. By working closely together with the project team and customer, we find the best solution using dynamic and innovating tools.

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