Ventures by delaware

How to apply

Even the most passionate people with the most ambitious product plans are usually further from ‘viable’ than they think. It’s a fact that we can’t accelerate every bright idea.

In order to make the best use of the time and effort contributed by everybody involved, ventures by delaware relies on a set series of interactions before pitching your initiative to the ventures Arena – the gateway to ventures by delaware building.


April 1 - August 18

After we receive your submission, you’ll be invited to fill out a questionnaire. Online application is possible until August 18, 12:00 PM CET.

After we review your entry requirements, we’ll invite you to an introductory call.

Ramp up period

Until August 31

Prepare your assets to ensure that your submission is up to expectations.

We’ll help you prepare for the final pitch.

Pitch Arena

 September 28 

You have 10 minutes to make your pitch before a jury of experts and VCs, followed by 20 minutes of Q&A.

Get a taste of what to expect and watch our Pitch Arena aftermovies from 2021: spring or fall edition and from 2022: spring edition and fall edition

ventures by delaware

 From October 

The jury makes its decision 14 days after the Pitch Arena. The top candidates receive funding and support.

Who can apply

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and an idea that has already generated business value, we encourage you to apply. We’re on the lookout for early-stage seeding opportunities in an industrial and/or commercial business context, or well-developed product ideas that we can already master and accelerate.

We typically look for a leadership team with a minimum of two founders that combines skills in sales, technology and delivery. Make sure you have all three competencies on board to ensure a founding team that is up to the challenge.

We accept initiatives in the following domains from both within and outside delaware: Manufacturing, Hi-tech, Retail, Utilities, Aerospace, Pharma, Utilities

Convinced? Ready to dive in? 

Eager for the sweet taste of success?

You had a positive initial contact?

We will require the following assets during the ramp up period.

Download the full prospectus for all the details


A two-minute video introducing your value proposition

Resumes/CVs for all founding members

Executive summary (commercial 2-pager)

Business & Financial plan (3 years outlook)