Connected Transformation in Operations

Connected Transformation in Operations

The most impactful change comes from within. Which is why operations is the first place to look when building a resilient, future-proof business. Rather than rushing headlong into yet another transformation journey, delaware proposes a holistic approach. One that connects people, processes and technologies to unlock your operations’ full potential.


The fourfold path to operational transformation

From rising costs and ESG demands to supply chain chaos and labor shortage: the pressure to optimize operations is coming from all sides. At delaware, we’ve identified four dimensions of meaningful and long-lasting transformation. 

  1. Improving your operations’ cost efficiency
  2. Boosting your supply chain  resilience
  3. Increasing the agility of your supply chain 
  4. Reaching the next level of sustainability 

Start your connected transformation journey in…

  • Manufacturing: Learn how you can further optimize and automate your shopfloor and augment operators.
  • Procurement: Leverage procurement to strengthen strategic partnerships and reduce external expenditure. Learn more.
  • Logistics: Build a resilient and transparent supply chain that leverages tech while remaining human-centered.
  • Supply Chain Planning: Running a resilient and efficient supply chain starts with the right design of your strategic and tactical planning processes. 

e-book: building a resilient supply chain

This is the way: a holistic perspective

In operations, failed transformations are a recipe for disaster. Which is why you need to get it right the first time. Our ‘connected transformation’ approach is based on a holistic perspective and takes into account culture, people, processes and technologies.

customer story: Umicore PMR's drive for operational excellence

Typical questions to kickstart a connected transformation journey in operations

  • How can we reduce our operating costs quickly without compromising on quality?
  • What value can Industry 4.0 bring to our company, and how do we get started?
  • I want to establish a lean mindset and culture. How do I get started?
  • We know what needs to change, but we’re having trouble prioritizing initiatives.
  • We need to implement a new tool but need unbiased advice to make the right choice.
  • ….

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How we work

Our mission is to get your operational transformation right the first time. Doing so requires a methodical approach that connects business, IT, and people – across (sub)functions and lines of business. 

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A unique combination

At delaware, we pride ourselves on developing an approach that is truly connected and brings together a wide range of perspectives. The combination of strategic thinking, process knowledge and technical expertise makes us the perfect partner to see your transformation journey through, from idea to execution. 

As your trusted partner, we commit fully to your cause and insist on co-creation and accessibility. In other words: we’re small enough to truly care about your success, and large enough to provide the resources and expertise needed to drive your transformation forward. Don't just take our word for it: discover Umicore PMR's experience of collaborating with our Supply Chain Transformation team. 

Michael Bulthé

Supply Chain Transformation Lead

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