End-to-end cybersecurity

End-to-end cybersecurity

Increase your cyber resilience

By 2025, cybercrime will cost companies worldwide an estimated USD 10.5 trillion per year. And while attacks on large companies receive a lot of media attention, about 43% are aimed at small businesses. However, only a small minority of organizations have taken the necessary precautions to minimize their exposure.


From tooling and monitoring to employee best practices

At delaware, security is our number one priority – on top of everything else. You can count on our experts to guard the safety of your data and systems at all times, from the start of the project until long after go-live.

But there’s more. Over the years, our Security team has specialized in: 

  • the implementation and roll-out of sophisticated security tooling;
  • the configuration and safety validation of your systems;
  • real-time, machine-learning-driven automated security monitoring;
  • coaching employees on security best practices to minimize the human factor.

Our security principles

Our solutions

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Our approach

By choosing delaware as your all-round IT and cybersecurity partner, you benefit from a single point of contact for all issues. Our holistic view of your enterprise architectures provides us with a clear map of potential threats, and allows us to make informed decisions on how to minimize the impact of attacks on your daily operations.

we commit
to increasing your organization’s cyber resilience through sophisticated tooling, configuration and automated monitoring, as well as employee-centered security best practices, while reducing the impact of attacks on daily operations

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