Fields of expertise

How are we organized? We're busy bees

Rather than following a traditional, hierarchical organizational model, we have created our own model, drawing inspiration from nature. We call our organizational model ‘the beehive’. The beehive is a living organism: it grows organically, just like our expertise and solution offerings. And as with all living organisms, our organization is built to adapt – so we aren’t surprised when things change or evolve quickly. In fact: we encourage it! So, yes, you could say we’re quite the busy bees. 

We try to cluster those who work in a specific field of expertise. As a result, we have very autonomous teams, sharing the same values and working in unison towards a common goal. We strongly believe in cross-pollination and foster collaboration across teams. Are you a busy bee, too? Buzz around our beehive and check out the different areas: 

our fields of expertise

Global Services (AMS)

delaware Morocco is hiring. Discover our Global Services (AMS) expertise on our careers page. read more


delaware Morocco is hiring. Discover our expertise in Digital on our career page. read more

Operation ERP (SAP)

delaware Morocco is hiring. Discover our ERP expertise on our career page. read more

Information Management

We advise and support organizations to manage the entire life cycle of business (critical) information to bring structure to chaos. Are you a pioneer in creating and realizing new solutions? Do you like to take organizations to the next level? read more

Data & Analytics

The main goal of the work we do as data consultants, is to help our customers to get to know their own company even better. We’re a mixed group of experienced data lovers, skilled in data cleaning, data warehousing, data analytics, data management and data science. read more