Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud & Infrastructure

We’ll make it work

It’s simple: without infrastructure, it wouldn’t even be possible to run a single application, let alone an entire business. We lay the foundations long before actual implementation projects can start. We provide our colleagues with the groundwork for their projects, install the underlying infrastructure and monitor everything, in order to keep applications up and running.

Our ultimate goal?

To take away all of our clients’ infrastructure-related worries, mainly by connecting their organization to the cloud. With more than 15 years of technological expertise, we act as an IT partner that fully understands the tech landscape. As pioneers in cloud-based solutions, we collaborate closely with developers. We consider Azure the platform for the future, but also have a strong partnership with SAP

Exploring the IT landscape

As cloud and infrastructure consultants, we have a clear overview of what’s available in the market, and which infrastructure or cloud model is ideal to reach our customers’ goals. We ensure high availability and redundancy of the hardware installed at our clients. However, we never forget about the goals of our consultants.

our team is eager to take on even the most technically challenging projects. For us, it’s crucial to be involved in projects from the very beginning. We are the true techies
Glenn Verschuere - Senior consultant Core Technology Services

Ready to start exploring?

Working here as a cloud or infrastructure consultant means you’ll explore the IT landscape coming from a unique position:

  • You’ll be the first to get in touch with all kinds of new technologies.
  • Those first months in the support queue, you will get to know your customers’ IT landscape inside out.
  • You will build trusted customer relationships and aim to optimize their current IT infrastructure.
  • We’ll give you the room to take initiative and have you working on various infrastructure projects.

Jobs in Cloud & Infrastructure

meet the team

Andreas Faes

Lead expert Cloud Enablement & Operations
I am passionate about my job and that passion is fostered within delaware and our team. Together we work hard to get things done and go that extra mile. Never a dull moment!

Glenn Verschuere

Senior consultant Core Technology Services
At delaware, I won’t get stuck. I can see many opportunities for growth – which is important to me. I know that delaware will keep up with the fast-changing pace of technology. The same goes for our infrastructure team.

Tom Vandewinckele

Manager & solution lead Cloud Enablement & Operations
Cloud & Infrastructure is one of delaware’s most varying domains. Technology is evolving at a fast pace, so my team and I guide our customers through their projects and provide post go-live support.

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