Data & AI talks

Data & AI talks

Data & AI talks

'Les portraits de l'IA, avec Leila et Benoît' is a new French podcast series. Every two weeks, experts discuss a different aspect of artificial intelligence (AI), from the latest scientific breakthroughs to concrete applications. Let's explore the real impact of AI, alongside those who are driving it forward. 

#1: AI in marketing pioneer

In this episode, we dive into the heart of the dynamic intersection between artificial intelligence and marketing. learn more

#2: From the guitar to the MedTech revolution

This episode explores the impact of artificial intelligence in the field of MedTech, particularly in the development of bionic prostheses. learn more

#3: Digital Wallonia4AI

In this episode, Émilie Fockedey and Antoine Hublet provide us with a detailed overview of the DigitalWallonia4AI program. learn more

#4: AI and education, a promising future

In this episode of 'Data & AI talks', we explore the connections between artificial intelligence and education. learn more

#5: AI and regulation: GDPR and the AI Act

In this episode of 'Data & AI talks', we delve into the legal complexities of artificial intelligence with expert Axel Beelen. learn more

#6: AI and energy transition

We are pleased to present an exceptional episode of our podcast, where Damien Ernst, an engineer and professor at the University of Liège, Chief Scientific Officer at Haulogy, and visiting professor at Télécom Paris, shares his in-depth knowledge on energy transition and artificial intelligence. learn more

#7: AI and biothech with OncoDNA

This new episode dives into the universe of Grégori Ghitty, where artificial intelligence meets biotechnology. learn more