#5: AI and regulation: GDPR and the AI Act

#5: AI and regulation: GDPR and the AI Act

Axel Beelen: AI and regulation: between GDPR and the AI Act

In this episode of Data & AI talks, we delve into the legal complexities of artificial intelligence with expert Axel Beelen. As a specialist in data protection, copyright law, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI), Axel demystifies the regulatory framework of AI, with a particular focus on the GDPR and the newly introduced AI Act.

What you will learn: 

  • The stakes of GDPR and the AI Act: discover how these European regulations are shaping the AI landscape and the challenges they present. 

  • Insights from an expert: gain in-depth knowledge on the legal implications of AI. 

  • Copyright law and AI: explore how AI interacts with copyright laws and what the implications are for creators and users. 

  • Innovation and Regulation: understand how GDPR and the AI Act can either encourage or hinder innovation in AI. 

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