#3: Digital Wallonia4AI

#3: Digital Wallonia4AI

Émilie Fockedey & Antoine Hublet: Digital Wallonia4AI

In this episode, Émilie Fockedey and Antoine Hublet provide us with a detailed overview of the DigitalWallonia4AI program. Discover how this program boosts the technological landscape of Wallonia by supporting businesses and making AI more accessible. 

Podcast highlights:

  • Introduction of the guests: Émilie and Antoine share their backgrounds and passions, which laid the foundation for their expertise in AI.
  • Mission of DigitalWallonia4AI: A comprehensive overview of the program, its objectives, and its impact on Walloon businesses.
  • Challenges and opportunities in AI: Discussion on the human and technological challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Concrete examples: Real and inspiring cases demonstrating the positive impact of AI in various sectors, including complaint management and energy optimization.
  • Support for businesses: Focus on business support, particularly through the StartIA and TremplinIA initiatives.
  • Future of AI in Wallonia: Perspectives and hopes for the future integration of AI into Wallonia's social and economic aspects.

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