#4: AI and education, a promising future

#4: AI and education, a promising future

Sébastien Place (Microsoft): AI and education, a promising future

In this episode of Data & AI talks, we explore the connection between artificial intelligence and education. Our guest Sébastien Place, Microsoft lead for education in Belgium/Luxembourg, brings his unique perspective.

Sébastien welcomes us to the dynamic world of EdTech. He starts with his personal journey, from being a science teacher to playing a key role at Microsoft. His remarkable transition offers valuable insights into the evolution of digital education. 

We also tackle the topic on everyone's minds: how can AI support teachers and students in their learning? Sébastien shares concrete examples of Microsoft tools and resources, highlighting their strategy and roadmap for the coming years in education. 

A highlight of our discussion is the effective activation of schools and educational institutions into the digital world. Sébastien offers insights into the most effective methods for integrating AI in schools. 

Finally, we discuss the challenges and opportunities of AI in education. Sébastien addresses common concerns, such as data protection and the adoption of AI, and shares his vision for a future where education and AI go hand in hand.

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