We are a global company that delivers advanced ICT solutions and services, guiding our customers through their business and digital transformations.

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Enable your IT department to deliver capacity and capabilities to meet future demands and navigate uncertainty.
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Your core ERP system helps you streamline enterprise-wide processes and is at the heart of your company.
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Just like business is changing, so is finance. Technology can help you raise the efficiency, effectiveness and added value of finance – in every financial domain.
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sales & marketing

We are customer obsessed at the core and on a constant quest for value. We deliver end-to-end services for the digital era so that your customer can connect.
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Organizations need flexible and motivated employees. We help you imagine and realize the different shapes your workforce can shift into.
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Microsoft Power BI Premium: endless possibilities for your teams

Microsoft has launched a new type of Power BI license. Microsoft Power BI Premium now charges a license per user, per month. This new, affordable pricing model brings all kinds of advanced features within reach: for small and medium-sized or large businesses.
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CASH IS KING - Beheers je werkkapitaal

Deze corona crisis laat zien hoe belangrijk het is dat je voldoende liquide middelen hebt om deze ‘lockdown’ periode te overleven! Veel te vaak wordt dit onderschat. Hoe dat komt? Zolang de business druk is met nieuwe verkooporders en uitgaande leveringen wordt aangenomen dat de cashflow wel in orde zal zijn. Lang niet altijd is dat het geval. Hoe zorg je ervoor dat je jouw geïnvesteerde geld zo snel mogelijk weer terug op de bank hebt staan, zodat jouw bedrijf verder kan investeren en doorgroeien?
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Our refreshed brand

Our refreshed delaware brand

One thing is for certain: we are a company in the midst of growth. Our organization continues to evolve and so does our brand. That is why we refreshed our brand, to drive delaware towards further internationalization and brand consistency.

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