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The importance of data archiving

In today’s system landscapes data grows continuously and at an ever increasing speed. This creates a challenge for today’s businesses.
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What is delaware PH's new normal?

We miss all of you, clients and partners! Like you, we are raring to go back on track with our digital transformation projects, especially now when customer and employee touchpoints and operations have to be online.

It looks like the health crisis is not going away as soon as we hoped, but we are ready to thrive with you in the new normal. Based on national and local government guidelines on health, we have set up some protocols to keep our team and yours safe while doing business moving forward.

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Getting Ready

Week 8 of quarantine. Our daily lives have changed drastically.

At home, we suddenly find ourselves in the company of our family 24/7. Which may be a good thing, especially compared to the olden days of 2019 when we spent more hours in the office and in traffic. There are more chores now. Grocery shopping has to be carefully planned. Each purchased item has to be disinfected. We cook more. And judging from the frequently sold out store shelves for baking supplies, people are baking more. 

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Our refreshed delaware brand

One thing is for certain: we are a company in the midst of growth. Our organization continues to evolve and so does our brand. That is why we refreshed our brand, to drive delaware towards further internationalization and brand consistency.

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