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Transform your organization into a digital, cloud-based, and resilient business.

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Close your books more quickly and manage your financials efficiently.

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Deliver real-time insights to inform your game-changing decisions.

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GROW with SAP: your cloud ERP journey made easier

Despite its many benefits, cloud ERP adoption can seem daunting, expensive, and needlessly complicated for many SMEs. The GROW with SAP offering aims to lower that threshold. With a comprehensive package of solutions and services, it shows SMEs that cloud ERP adoption can be swift and predictable, and open the door towards continuous innovation. read more

Commercial Performance Optimization (CPO): small data, big business impact

‘Doing more with less’ – it could very well be the adage of our time. And your commercial organization isn’t exempt: faced with limited resources, your sales, marketing and customer service teams are expected to deliver top-notch customer experiences. Through data-driven insights, Commercial Performance Optimization or CPO helps them focus on what matters, take the right actions, and deliver results fast. delaware explains how it works. read more

Why HR plays a pivotal role in the #futureofwork

While strolling through Vlerick and Hudson’s HR Barometer 2022, two conclusions caught our attention. On the bright side, priorities for 2023 include engagement and wellbeing, next to recruitment & selection. A positive trend, as an increased focus on engagement and wellbeing is one of the keys to realize a shift towards sustainable productivity. Over the past years, people have grown tired of hustle culture and fast-paced work environments. By investing more in engagement and wellbeing programs, organizations will be better equipped to have their employees work at their best without taking everything out of them. Win-win. read more

Reshaping the treasury function, digital first

When talking about your future finance organization, there’s no escaping the treasury function. Driven by the growing disruption in our markets, real-time insight in cashflow, liquidity, and risks has become key — and so has the need to digitalize the way treasurers work. SAP saw this coming and invested heavily in its portfolio of treasury solutions – and so has delaware. read more

Our refreshed delaware brand

One thing is for certain: we are a company in the midst of growth. Our organization continues to evolve and so does our brand. That is why we refreshed our brand, to drive delaware towards further internationalization and brand consistency. 

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