#6: AI and energy transition

#6: AI and energy transition

Damien Ernst: AI and energy transition

We are pleased to present Damien Ernst, engineer and professor at the University of Liège, Chief Scientific Officer at Haulogy, and visiting professor at Télécom Paris, who shares his in-depth knowledge on energy transition and artificial intelligence (AI). His passion and innovative projects show the way towards a sustainable future.  

On the agenda: 

  • The intersection of AI and energy: Prof. Ernst reveals how these fields complement each other in revolutionizing our energy approach.

  • Defending a vision: faced with criticism, Prof. Ernst defends his public interventions, highlighting his vision for an optimized management of energy crises. 

  • Innovations underway: Prof. Ernst talks about the remote renewable energy hubs and other pioneering projects. 

  • Future perspectives: Prof. Ernst shares his thoughts on the importance of innovation and independence in scientific research. 

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