The future of information management: EIM for your company

Oct 31, 2018
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In the future there is no room for an unstructured company. If your competition uses highly advanced solutions to structure data, you can’t afford to sit idle. One of the main advantages of innovative information management is a complete overview of all information: in a single location, through a user-friendly interface that you’re familiar with. This is referred to as a single source of truth.

It means a single location you go to in order to get all your work done, where you have direct access to crucial data, all kept together and easily accessible by you and your colleagues. We’ve wrote about 5 reasons to optimise the content services within your organisation and the benefits of connecting Office 365 content with ERP, CRM and HCM business applications. Opentext and Microsoft are developing continuously and become more and more integrated. Examples include more advanced integration with Teams, OneDrive and Co-authoring - simultaneous collaboration in one document -, web parts for SharePoint and integration in Outlook.

Optimising customer contact

All customer data are included in a single source of truth as well. Integration with SAP allows you to view related data from a shared online workspace, such as customer contracts, orders and deliveries. A specific example: on Monday morning you receive a report of a failed delivery. You click on the message and without leaving your familiar Microsoft Office 365 interface, you’re presented with all the relevant information from your CRM system, such as order details, contact details and previous correspondence. You click on the phone number and you call your customer via Skype. You leave a message and with that, a note in the correspondence folder, explaining what you have discussed. In the order confirmation, you click on the product and you ensure that a new order is sent to the customer. The adjusted order means that stock levels in SAP are immediately updated and that the sales and logistics teams are notified. Now that’s what we call working effectively!

Integration with leading business applications

In addition to SAP, OpenText Extended ECM for Office 365 is integrated with other leading business applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and more. This seamless integration with your vital business information resources, regardless of their location, offers you a 360-degree overview of important customer and process data, helping you to gain insights, improve productivity and maximise profits.

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