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Oct 25, 2018
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Issues surrounding information management are becoming increasingly complex. This complexity has already been discussed at length in the first blog of these series but organisations are, of course, mainly looking for a suitable solution. OpenText responds to this with the integration of Microsoft and the Extended ECM solutions, in which flows of information, business processes and content are all combined. The result? Higher productivity, lower investment costs and improved employee satisfaction. But that’s not all! We have listed further advantages for you below.

#1 Microsoft remains leading (in a shared role)

The position of Microsoft has never been so strong and that is thanks to Office 365. The vast majority of our customers own Microsoft-related software and nowadays, they often use Office 365 in combination to solve specific issues. The advantages of Microsoft for the digital workplace are unquestionable. Content creation, communication, security and cooperation form the basis. Today, collaboration tools such as Teams and OneDrive more and more form the heart of cooperating organisations.

Microsoft is excellent for

#2 OpenText makes advanced document management easy

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is a must-have for many organisations. Working from a single source of truth that increases the value in business information by making it accessible, specific, accurate, universally available and secure helps. OpenText is the solution when you are thinking of implementing an EIM strategy for your organisation.

OpenText is excellent for

#3 Content in Context

The unstructured information generated in Office 365, documents, social media, e-mail data and more, is considerably more valuable when viewed within the framework or context of any business process or object. Our customers more and more recognise the benefits of connecting Office 365 content with their ERP, CRM and HCM business applications, because only then do you make the best possible use of the content services and context services of Microsoft and OpenText.

#4 Discover the full potential

Combining the features of both solutions creates synergy within your Extended ECM platform that opens up all kinds of avenues. Real-time information is always available via the favourite interface that end-users are accustomed to. They don’t even realise they are working in an Extended ECM environment.
It looks something like this

Together unlocking the full potential

#5 A future-proof solution

Using opportunities in an industry that is subject to major change requires focus and energy. IT managers wasting time searching for the best solutions for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is inconceivable. A sustainable solution, allowing the entire organisation to work together faster, better and smarter, is key. OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365 is the innovation move that your organisation needs, now and in the future.

Our next blog discusses our future vision on EIM and the impact thereof on your organisation. Interested? Please contact Maurice Wils or Richard Cremers.

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