Bread, Biscuits & Pasta

Bread, Biscuits & Pasta

Food processing companies specialized in bread, biscuits and pasta face many challenges: from reducing waste and accurately predicting demand to making optimal use of production capacity. New technologies like IoT and a seamless integration between shopfloor and ERP can help solve these issues.

3.7% of food sales will happen online

Reducing waste via co- and by-product recovery

To prevent waste, food processing companies are continuously looking for new ways to recover and reuse cut waste or residual dough. However, rigorous food safety rules demand that co- and by-products must be traceable. To make this possible, watertight and highly accurate monitoring is an absolute must.

Daily forecasting

For (industrial) bakeries, production based on daily forecasts is common practice. In the fresh industry production starts prior to the sales order, a process to update production durint the day to avoid over production will help to avoid overproduction – thus waste – while also ensuring they meet customer demands. New technologies – like IoT – make ever more accurate predictions and forecasts possible.

Eliminating production downtime

Another way in which food processing companies can increase their efficiency is by eliminating the downtime of production machines. One example is the optimal use of the baking capacity of an industrial oven throughout the day through the careful planning and timing of production orders. Here, seamless integrations between different divisions – e.g. shopfloor and ERP – is crucial.

To reduce waste and improve efficiency, food processing companies need to be able to align production and demand as closely as possible.

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