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Chocolate & Sweets

Chocolate & Sweets industry

Like many food companies, firms producing chocolates and sweets face the threefold challenge of offering high-quality products to customers sustainably and as rapidly as possible. But new trends make this industry even more dynamic, including consumer wellbeing concerns, supply chain challenges and the need for precision production processes to safeguard margins.

Each person consumes and average of 21.9 kilograms of chocolates and sweets every year.

Less sugar, fewer calories: health concerns drive innovation

Producers of chocolate, candies and other confections are increasingly forced to use less sugar and create products containing fewer calories to comply with consumer preferences as well as new regulations. Candy lovers around the world are concerned with eating healthier and living cleaner – and as a result, innovation in ingredients as well as sustainable packaging are important differentiators for future-focused chocolate and sweets firms.

Operational excellence is the path to higher margins

How many products do your lines produce per hour? How efficient are your machines? Are you aware of upcoming maintenance costs and the impacts of unscheduled downtime? How many hours do you spend fulfilling orders? Efficiency is more important than ever – and capturing, storing, analyzing and acting on operational data insights will help your business maximize profit and minimize loss.

Good publicity is nice, but bad publicity lingers

Accuracy in quality control places as much pressure on supply chains for chocolate and sweets as the need for efficiency. Producers must rigorously monitor every step of the chain as well as the quality and contents of raw materials and ingredients that are used to create an end product. Safe production and consistent production – in full accordance with regulations and incredients lists – isn’t simply a strict requirement. Any error could irreversibly damage a company’s reputation.

Data – concerning operations, supply chains and customers – will play an increasingly important role in the competitive future of companies producing chocolate and sweets.

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