Tap into the power of data to make sustainability a reality

Sustainable organizations are gaining competitive advantage. Yet, the journey to sustainability has hurdles at every stage. Two of the most pressing challenges? Data and reporting

 While data is key to identifying sustainability opportunities, monitoring progress, and reporting, it is hard to collect, process, and integrate. We help you maximize its use and draft transparent reports to improve your sustainability outcomes.

From sustainability strategy to innovation

Whether you are just starting your journey and have a new strategy or you’re well underway to becoming a sustainability champion, delaware can help in every step. 

Our sustainability offering consists of 4 building blocks:

  1. Translating your sustainability strategy and vision into a roadmap
  2. Addressing your sustainability data challenges
  3. Calculating KPIs, transparent, compliant reporting, and creating insights to steer your company
  4. Enabled sustainability: elevating sustainability using advanced technologies

1. Sustainability strategy: crafting your roadmap

Our business consultants can help you kick off your sustainability journey, by making your strategy and vision tangible. In a short series of workshops, we assess your sustainability maturity, help you define the stakeholders, conduct a materiality assessment, and develop a roadmap. 

Do you already have a double materiality matrix in place? In that case, we can help you embed sustainability in your entire company by tackling all the specific challenges per department. Together, we will define solutions for each of your challenges and analyze the efforts needed to resolve them. In this way, you will gain useful insights into the possible steps to steer your sustainability strategy forward.

2. Our core expertise: addressing your sustainability data challenges

As data and analytics experts, we help organizations bring their sustainability strategy to life. Our sustainability data approach – ‘Green data lake approach’ – consists of 3 steps:

3. KPI calculation plus compliant, accurate, and transparent reporting

Complete, high-quality data is only the first step in monitoring your sustainability performance and making informed decisions. To determine and track your ESG targets and report transparently, you need the right reporting and calculation tools and be able to integrate them into your existing IT landscape.

We can help you boost visibility and transparency, both inhouse and externally, and ensure compliance with reporting frameworks and standards, providing solutions to: 

  • Determine ESG goals and monitor your progress, 
  • Craft clear dashboards 
  • Draft a sustainability, integrated or taxonomy report 
  • Draft a report according to the European Sustainability Reporting Standars (ESRS) to become CSRD compliant

All our ecosystems have different solutions that can help you to report and calculate the different ESG topics.

4. Elevating sustainability through technology

Looking for ways to take your sustainability journey one step further? Let our developers conceive tailor-made apps or gamification experiences to drive engagement among your employees, make safety checks or waste management easier, and much more. Or why not try an innovative tool from one of our venture companies to manage scope-3 emissions in collaboration with your suppliers or to complete complex ESG questionnaires with ease, thanks to the help of AI?

Numbers and a context are essential to understand what’s going on. So, data is crucial to track sustainability performance, report consistently, and avoid greenwashing.
Ann Peeters, project leader studies center, Agoria

Why choose delaware?

  • We have a profound knowledge of the SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce ecosystems and how they interact.
  • Our unique green data lake approach is based on years of experience with data management. In this way, it is sure to help you capture, store, and process the exact data you need to translate your sustainability strategy into reports and insights.
  • Our diverse industry experience gives us the tailored knowledge and sustainability expertise to make any business's sustainability drive a success. 
  • Thanks to our broad network, we have access to all the sustainability technology and insights available and can easily connect the dots: from technology leaders and innovative startups to the public sector and academic and scientific institutions. 
  • We offer an end-to-end approach, connecting strategy, data, technology and people.

Jacintha Verhoef

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