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Boost your customer experience with OpenText Exstream

At delaware, we are ready to take your customer experience to the next level with OpenText Exstream, enabling you to automate your document generation and customer communication. Whether you are in the private or public sector, we are here to help you in optimising your operational processes, allowing you to offer your customers a compelling communication experience, while ensuring maximum efficiency. 

What software allows you to produce high-quality and personalised documents on a large scale? And how do you increase the efficiency of your output management while staying true to your corporate identity? Document generation is an integral part of your business processes. We take your customer experience to the next level by implementing a smart and centralised customer communication management (CCM) system.

These challenges lie ahead ...

Client communication

Personalisation is an investment

Your customers are your top priority.. Therefore, you want to offer them service with personalised communication. How do you maintain efficiency when you opt for custom communication?

Client satisfaction

Check engagement

Are you aware of how your customers perceive your communications? Regularly monitoring customer satisfaction is essential in a competitive market.

Mobile experience

Every device is equally important

Both private and business clients use different devices. They expect the same high-quality and pleasant experience on every device. Responsiveness is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have.

Why do we recommend OpenText Exstream?

OpenText Exstream provides you with a future-proof platform for managing and enhancing your customer communication (emails, invoices, letters, marketing materials, …). The software empowers you to automate operational processes and generate highly personalised content. By producing and publishing custom documents in bulk, you save valuable time, thereby creating a constant and engaging communication experience that significantly enhances customer satisfaction.

Optimize the information flows within your organization

OpenText Exstream manages the flow of input data, converts it into tailored communications, and presents it to your audience through various channels. This enables you to reach your customers in a personalised and effective manner. 

Thanks to our deep expertise in ERP, CRM, and HR systems such as SAP (SuccessFactors), Microsoft (Dynamics), Salesforce, and our detailed knowledge of output handling, we have control over the entire chain. This allows us to assist you like no other in optimising your information flow.

Why partner with delaware for document generation? 

We have built over more than 15 years of document management expertise using OpenText. The result? We are certified partner collaborating  with OpenText to further develop the software. Moreover, enterprise business processes hold no secrets for us, and we have industry-specific knowledge. Besides the OpenText ecosystem, we have profound knowledge of ERP and CRM packages such as Microsoft, SAP and HR software. Our knowledge and experience helps you gain insight and control over content ,thus increasing the value of your output. You can rely on us: we commit. we deliver.

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Senior Sales Executive

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