Meals & Snacks

Meals & Snacks

Total solution for the meals and snacks industry

At delaware, we understand that the food industry is constantly changing and that it is crucial to stay ahead as a meals and snacks company. Our passion lies in creating lasting relationships with food companies, combining in-depth industry knowledge with practical digital solutions.

We support you, as an expert in meals and snacks, with our specialized knowledge. We not only have years of experience in the food industry, but have also applied this knowledge in our own ERP template, FAST-Solution for Food.

This innovative solution provides everything you need to meet the unique challenges in your industry. From reducing food waste to mapping your supply chain. We guide meal and snack companies in improving all their processes. This is how we help you increase the flexibility of your production, increase your efficiency and reduce costs. We are excited to talk with you about the best approach and solutions that fit your business.

A reliable partner in food

The combination of our in-depth industry knowledge and the FAST-Solution template enable you to take your business processes to the next level. We are there for you every step of the way as an experienced partner in food.

FAST-Solution for Food

Our FAST-Solution for Food gives you insight and control over the entire production process, from the initial food concept to the final product. This offers the following benefits:

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