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Software solutions that contribute to the production of vitamin-rich animal feed, that is what we are fully committed to at delaware. We know the challenges of the industry, which makes us the right partner for animal feed. With niche knowledge of the industry and our ERP template - FAST-Solution for Food - we guide your pet food business to a centralized ERP system that connects all the puzzle pieces of your supply chain, optimizes your production process and guarantees your product quality. 

What is the appropriate solution to realize nutritious products without compromising on sustainability and speed? How do you verify certificates from suppliers and label your own items? As a pet food manufacturer, you strive for high standards. The right digital systems streamline your unique processes, reduce your environmental impact and increase your profitability.

These challenges characterize the pet food industry

Health awareness

Nutritional value takes precedence

Cat food for kittens, bird food for racing pigeons, dog food for joint problems: high-quality food for specific animal groups has become the norm. Pet foods developed to promote animal health and well-being require innovative recipes and sound production processes.


Less waste, less environmental impact

Ingredients sourced from sustainable sources, minimal food waste and a reduced environmental footprint are key concerns, as is respect for biodiversity and ecosystems. You look for opportunities to combine the high demand for food with a sustainable product offering.

Regulation & food safety

Safety first

Just as human food is subject to safety regulations, animal feed is also subject to strict food safety regulations. The legal rules are changing at an arrow-like pace, which challenges the proactive ability and quality standards of animal food companies.

A reliable partner in food

The combination of our in-depth industry knowledge and FAST-Solution template enable you to optimize your business processes. We put our shoulders under your further digitization. Step by step, you can count on your permanent contacts and their years of expertise. This is how we take your business to the next level!

FAST-Solution for Food

The FAST-Solution for Food solution gives you as an animal feed producer a solid, firm foundation to turn the challenges within your environment into profitable opportunities. It makes it much easier to achieve high nutritional value with the right data and automated processes. Our end-to-end solution increases the efficiency of your supply chain and provides more time and space for innovation. Our FAST-Solution for Food offers support from sustainable ingredients to bite-sized animal feed.

The FAST-Solution for Food fuels your business with the following benefits:

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