Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Enhance your food business with transformative insights

The world we live in today requires business processes that are transparent and simplify decision-making so you can accelerate your business.  Because of the unique characteristics in the food industry there are some challenges when it comes to food production, regulatory requirements and consumer demands. Automating complex operational tasks will transform your operations and give you insights into your suppliers and customers.

Companies at every step of the food product value chain, from ingredient manufacturers to trading partners, will be confronted with the trials of digital transformation. delaware has the solutions and the expertise to guide your food business into the digital age.

3 key challenges for food businesses in the digital age

In addition to the universal digitization and automation challenges of complex processes, stock management, regulations and logistics, food companies must tackle industry-specific hot topics such as:

  • Ensuring transparent, consistent

Information about every step of the production process.

  • Shelf life compliance

Planning and customer fulfilment taking into account shelf life limitations.

  • Quality-based pricing: managing pricing

Based on specific item characteristics.

Maarten Cordenier

Partner & Industry Lead Food

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