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delaware for the Food Industry

delaware offers a scalable solution for common processes in the Food Industry.


The consumers and retailers keep asking for more transparency of trade and production companies in the Food Industry to guarantee consistent quality and food safety. Next to the transparency you would want insight in your production process to be able to optimize it. How do you innovate? Can Internet of Things help u to get and keep a competitive advantage?


Delaware will gladly help you to find out how you can act the fast moving trends. With the standard Food Template companies in SME and larger organizations can benefit from the benefits of a broad and future proof ERP solution. Our template for the Food Industry is scalable and configurable per customer.

Would you like to know more out the possibilities of the Fast Food template for your organization? Please get in touch with us via info.nederland@delawareconsulting.com

Scalable solution

The Fast Foodtm template, based on SAP HANA technology, is a proven standard solution for the Food Industry. A fully prefilled basis that will support the following processes:

  • Faster traceability
  • Broad to modulation abilities within ingredients declarations
  • Quality checks
  • Advanced graphic production planning
  • Forecasting and MRP
  • GS1- DAS integration
  • EDI

"Agility is important to stay future proof."

Anova Seafood: agility is key to  stay future proof

Always keep developing, a credo that suits Anova Seafood.
Flexibilty is in the DNA of this international supplier of fresh and frozen fish.
Ralph Spelthan explains how the Fast Food template offers the infrastructure that is necessary to stay agile.