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OpenText Core Content

Your partner in document management

At delaware, we are ready to assist you in your journey towards future-proof and digital information management. Therefore, we are delighted to introduce you to the simplicity and flexibility of OpenText Core Content; the document management system that saves time and simplifies processes. With OpenText Core Content, you efficiently and securely create, manage, protect, and share content.

How do you maintain visibility and quality control on various agreements, sales documents and images? And which document management software is cloud-based and can be combined with SAP, Salesforce or Microsoft 365? Our consultants assist you in addressing these questions and take the lead in your digital evolution. Step by step, we guide you towards streamlined and cloud-based information management.

These cases are familiar to you…

Information silos

Inefficient information management

Outdated data, duplicate content, paper documents or locally stored information are slowing down your teams. How do you harmonise teams, content and processes?

Remote work

Different workplaces, different needs

More remote work and a changing market force your systems to be more flexible and fast. Cloud software ticks all the checkboxes, but can you gradually move to a fully digital workplace technology?

Repetitive processes

Recurring to do’s

Document management does not always match its outcomes. Common labour-intensive content tasks do not need to be taken care of by extra hands, templates are more cost-efficient.

Why do we recommend OpenText Core Content?

OpenText Core Content is a cloud-based document management platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing business applications. Linking with Teams and Office365? Collaborate effortlessly with external partners? With minimal investment, you enjoy the maximum benefits of a high-quality document management system. A solution designed for both enterprises and SMEs seeking document storage and fostering team collaboration. Moreover, OpenText Core Content is integrated into SAP and compliant (certifications ISO 9001 - SOC2-3, GDPR).

Why partner with delaware for document management?

We have built over more than 15 years of expertise in document management using OpenText. The result? We are a certified partner collaborating with OpenText to further develop the software. Moreover, enterprise business processes hold no secrets for us, and we possess industry-specific knowledge. Besides the OpenText ecosystem, we have profound knowledge with ERP and CRM packages such as Microsoft, SAP and HR software. Our knowledge and experience helps you gain insight and control over content, thus increasing the value of your information. You can rely on us: we commit. we deliver.

Sander van der Stap

Senior Sales Executive

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