OpenText Intelligent Capture

OpenText Intelligent Capture

Your implementation partner driven by automation

At delaware, we bring the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) to your business, enabling you to optimise information streams. We are excited to introduce you to the enhanced value of AI facilitated using OpenText Intelligent Capture. This OCR-tool assists you in capturing, processing, and interpreting data, whether it are paper documents or digital files. Intelligent Capture leverages artificial intelligence to extract data from these sources and transform it into structured information, reducing manual tasks, enhancing efficiency, and boosting productivity.

These challenges have an impact on your efficiency ...

Paper content

Incoming papers

Completed forms, contact requests, documents to be signed, incoming invoices ... You struggle to keep track of the large amount of incoming content.

Incompatible content

Export for the purpose of importing

Content handling consumes more time than you would prefer, as you combine systems. Received documents require some actions before you can process or distribute them.

Compliance & content access

Unstructured content

Information from employees, customers, suppliers or partners is not always handled in a streamlined way. You are blending manual processes with digital applications, leading to unstructured data.

Why do we recommend OpenText Intelligent Capture?

OpenText Intelligent Capture is an OCR-tool that reads and classifies documents. This smart software checks whether incoming data is correct and meets your parameters after which it automatically saves the files and text in the right location. The data extraction and validation allows workflow automation. In concrete terms? You reduce manual operations, improve efficiency and increase productivity. With the help of automated field validations on incoming documents, there is a reduced risk of errors ensuring compliance, as everything is neatly logged. Additional advantages are barcode-recognition and -conversion, from jpeg to pdf and the image enhancement module. OpenText Intelligent Capture is, therefore, the perfect software for streamlining incoming - physical or digital - documents.

Why partner with delaware for document management?

We have built over more than 15 years of document management expertise using OpenText. The result? We are certified partner collaborating with OpenText to further develop the software. Moreover, enterprise business processes hold no secrets for us, and we possess industry-specific knowledge. In addition to the OpenText ecosystem, we have profound knowledge of ERP and CRM packages such as Microsoft, SAP and HR software. Our knowledge and experience helps you gain insight and control over content, thus increasing the value of your information. You can rely on us: we commit. we deliver.

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