Meat & Fish

Meat & Fish

Regulations impacting the meat and fish industries are stricter, consumer demands are shifting, operational costs are rising – and margins are as slim as ever. As a result, transparent processes, high-integrity supply chains and data-driven insights will play ever larger roles in your industry.

Gobal meat production reached 341.16 and global fish production 179 million tonnes.

Toward proactive sustainability

In the digital era, meat and fish companies are expected – by both regulators and consumers – to take a proactive approach to sustainability and animal welfare. Best practices in high demand include:

  • responsible transport
  • ethical stunning and slaughter
  • adequate housing
  • high-quality nutrition
  • restricted use of antibiotics and hormones
  • ·organic or certified quality seals and marks
  • reduced emissions
  • production of less odor, ammonia and particulate matter

Establish trust through transparency

Closely linked with digital age best practices in the meat and fish industry is the need for detailed, reliable product-related data. With consumer interest in meat declining and expectations regarding the quality of that meat increasing, clear and thorough digital recordkeeping is the only way to meet consumer needs while maximizing efficiency and keeping costs low.

Gain end-to-end supply chain insights

Retailers and end consumers increasingly select sustainable meat and fish products that bear the marks of regulatory bodies – making traceability the backbone of your company’s operations. Ensuring transparency requires the collection of data concerning your meat or fish products, including its source, how it was handled and processed – across your entire supply chain.

The key to meeting the growing demands of regulators and consumers while remaining profitable as a meat or fish company? Investing in digital platforms and tools that increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and support your growth ambitions.

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