OpenText & Microsoft: the EIM glue that holds it all together

Oct 08, 2018
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Organising content, improving the findability of information, monitoring applications and storing information safely are the daily activities of an IT manager. For many people, the complex search for the solution to keep information management simple and practical has been far too long. Can we now finally see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Today, companies create and manage information in many different forms: documents, social media, e-mails, transactional data, online data and much more. For many organisations, the complex management of information overload is, therefore, their highest priority. The overall picture should be leading in choosing the right solution(s) because having information in different silos within your organisation is ineffective.

In these blog series, we will tell you more about how OpenText and Microsoft create synergy between them. This first blog is an introduction to the foundation of the EIM future.

EIM ecosystem

As Information Management experts, we like to zoom into the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) ecosystem that has seen significant growth in recent years. In this ecosystem, the customer has various in-house software solutions. These are used to restructure the increasing amount of information within an organisation. Each solution offers its own advantages, but content in multiple systems often starts ‘leading a life of its own’. OpenText positions itself as a spider in the web of such an ecosystem. It bridges the gap between content and the facilitation of information flows, whereas Microsoft excels in content creation and collaboration.

85% of all organisations use Office 365

Expectations are that by 2020, more than eighty-five percent of all companies will use Office 365. Office 365 also provides solutions to meet the information management needs within your organisation, but did you know that OpenText and Microsoft together can strengthen the EIM foundation of your organisation? Microsoft and OpenText are often seen as competitors, but these two solutions are, in fact, complementary to each other.

OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365

OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365 makes it possible to include Office 365 solutions in the Extended ECM platform. It creates a uniform link-up between business applications such as SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and all that in combination with Office 365. The purpose of this solution is to link up content and business processes through a single source of truth. This helps users to increase their productivity and thus save time in finding relevant information in their ERP, CRM or HCM business applications. From that perspective, OpenText and Microsoft should, therefore, no longer be seen as each other’s competitors. On the contrary, they create synergy between them, bringing out the best in each other. This has been achieved by subjecting each other to a critical review, emphasising their strengths in the process so that an overall picture emerges that perfectly fits your organisation. All this is aimed at making life easier for the end user.

In the next blog, we will tell you how to make maximum use of the synergy between Microsoft and OpenText to achieve a win-win situation. 

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