SAP Sustainability Solutions

SAP Sustainability Solutions

Get ready to run a sustainable business

Addressing sustainability head-on presents businesses with many opportunities to differentiate and boost your business. Are you already running an SAP platform? Then get ahead of the sustainability challenges by implementing SAP’s sustainability solutions. Pick and choose the solutions that meet your needs and sustainability maturity level and start decarbonizing, reducing waste and increasing your social impact – with the help of our experts.

Businesses that develop strong sustainability practices and policies catch the eyes of investors, customers and talent and achieve better economic results.
Ann Peeters, project leader center, Agoria at the delaware roundtable discussion on sustainability

SAP’s zero strategy for sustainability

SAP offers an exceptionally comprehensive portfolio of cloud solutions that integrate data and processes to enable a future with zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality:

Key SAP sustainability tools to kick off your journey

SAP solutions deliver company-wide functionality as well as industry-specific sustainability features. In this way, they help you drive sustainability at scale by embedding operations, experience, and financial insights into your core business processes. Two key tools that will help you pave the way to a sustainable future, include:

SAP Sustainability Control Tower

The SAP Sustainability Control Tower is an overarching cloud system that integrates sustainability data pulled from SAP and non-SAP systems, with all your business processes. A tool for holistic steering, it allows you to set KPIs, monitor your progress on climate action, circular economy and social responsibility against predefined objectives, adjust objectives and metrics as the situation merits and report in accordance with frameworks like GRI or the upcoming CSRD standards. 

The key benefits of SAP Sustainability Control Tower include:

  • A holistic understanding with performance management of social, environmental and financial indicators
  • Efficient and auditable ESG reporting
  • Actionable insights to help decision-makers act across your organization

SAP Sustainability Footprint Management

The SAP Sustainability Footprint Management helps you calculate the footprint of your products and your company. The tool uses data from your SAP S/4HANA system as well as existing business data (from internal as well as external sources) and combines it with emission factors to quantify the footprints  periodically. Your win: detailed information for disclosure as well as for internal product and process optimization.

SAP Responsible Design and Production   

SAP Responsible Design and Production is a cloud-native solution that helps you track your process flows and check compliance with regulations on product packaging and plastics. 

It provides the visibility you need to optimize design in order to reduce waste, lower the costs of downstream reuse and recycling and keep pace with obligations, plastic taxes and corporate commitments. SAP Responsible Design and Production.

At delaware, we have been helping clients realize efficiency gains and gain insights with data- and AI-driven solutions for years. By bundling that expertise with SAP solutions, we can help customers turn their sustainability goals into actions.
David Swillen, sustainability expert, delaware Belux

How can delaware help?

Our experts can help you integrate SAP sustainability tools into your SAP platform, as well as look at the feasibility of integrating them with other solutions and data sources. More than that, we aim to be your long-term sustainability partner, guiding you throughout your entire sustainability journey. After all, sustainability is a long-term process, based on continual improvement. To get there you’ll need expert help that you can trust.

Why delaware as your sustainability partner?

  • Our diverse industry experience has given us the tailored knowledge and sustainability expertise to make any business's sustainability drive a success. 
  • Through our delaware Ventures project we work with the most innovative startups; giving us early insight into the sustainability technologies of tomorrow.
  • We have experience developing bespoke custom sustainability solutions.
  • And, of course, we know SAP technology inside-out.

Jacintha Verhoef

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