Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables

Consumers source fresh fruits and vegetables from beyond national – and even continental – borders now, and exotic new markets are emerging. However, competition is making it increasingly difficult for agricultural firms to establish long-lasting relationships with suppliers, supply and demand fluctuations abound and transparency is king. How will your business tackle the dynamic, digitalized future of agriculture?

The fruits and vegetables market hit 258.44 billion euros in value.

Relationships are more important than ever in the digital age

With competition among fruit and vegetable businesses so fierce, finding suppliers willing to commit to your fruit and vegetable company is no easy feat. As a result, replenishing stock and delivering on time at the right quality is more difficult than ever. Maintaining open, transparent, collaborative communication between suppliers and traders is key in this dynamic market.

Using historical data to predict future demand

Forecasting which and how many fruit and vegetable products your customers will demand is becoming a key differentiator as the agricultural segment becomes increasinglydata driven as a whole. With seasonal shifts having significant impacts on harvest, sourcing – as well as food waste reduction – go hand in hand with demand forecasting.

Rapid-fire handling for ultimate freshness

Advanced planning tools and digital warehouse management are game-changers in the quest to offer the freshest fruits and vegetables to consumers. With more suppliers producing on the basis of forecasts, fresh produce companies receive – and dispatch orders – within the same 24-hour period. Quick processing is crucial here, as well as the ability to handle large quantities of goods passing rapidly through your warehouse.

Flexible communication tools, AI-driven demand forecasting, operational excellence and the digital processing of orders in real time are important differentiators in the age of precision agriculture. The time to invest is now.

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Our experts have in-depth knowledge of your industry and the challenges your business is facing.

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