SAP Signavio

SAP Signavio

Business Transformation with Signavio

Connects processes, people and technology

Signavio enables you to map out your current processes using process modelling. The next step is to describe/model the desired situation. During the 'run period' you use the software to constantly improve your processes. Simulations will immediately provide insights into the effect of any changes made to the process.

Signavio is an integrated platform consisting of 4 different components, which, among other things, make a link between Strategic Decisions and their results, ultimately creating value in the long term.

  1. SAP Process Collaboration Hub
    A central platform for access to the processes for all employees
  2. SAP Process Manager
    Process Modelling and management based on the BPMN 2.0 standard
  3. SAP Process Governance
    Coordinating tasks and allocating responsibilities
  4. SAP Process Intelligence
    Insight into the actual processSAP Signavio HUB

Signavio is the latest SAP asset in the context of Process Intelligence

How Signavio supports value creation

Processes are a means of transformation. The faster and more efficiently these transformations happen, the faster and more efficiently the business can in turn create value while reducing waste, costs and risk. For example with Signavio you can better support and accelerate the digital transformation to SAP S/4HANA.

Signavio is the only BPM provider that combines advanced modelling, effective workflow management and powerful analytics in one innovative, easy-to-use package. With the Signavio Business Transformation Suite, you can examine business processes at every level of your organization, identify what works, discard what doesn't, and use your own data to demonstrate success. The end result? Lower costs, higher profits and more satisfied customers.

Choose the option most fitting for your companies needs

What we can do for you

We are happy to help organizations to understand the processes and to improve their approach where necessary through training, consulting and coaching. From the business to knowledge and ultimately to technology. This includes:

  • Business Process Analysis and (re)-Design
  • Business Proces Improvements
  • Business Proces Simulaties
  • Operational Excellence through Customer Journey Mapping
  • Process Intelligence 

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