Information Management

Information Management

Get a grip on your information overload

Delivering the right information to the right person at the right moment is one of our core responsibilities as implementation partner. Because in times of digitisation, you not only have more information at your disposal, but also a wide range of data sources. 

Within information management, we differentiate between structured and unstructured information. Structured information is captured in systems such as CRM or ERP. Unstructured information like emails and documents is, however, what we often lose grip on. We help you put that large quantity of unstructured data into user-friendly systems and make it manageable again.

How do you seamlessly integrate your CRM or ERP platform with other software? What is the ideal way to label information? We make a distinction between robust systems and fleeting trends. Together, we go for a logical document management system that suits your organization.

Get more control over your business data

Discover at a glance how delaware can help you get a handle on your enterprise data with OpenText Extended ECM.

4 key developments in the digital age

In our role as a document management partner, we have a deep understanding of our customers' processes. We see the following developments coming up:

Document management versus content management

What is the difference between document management and content management? Document management, as the name suggests, focuses solely on file management, whereas content management encompasses the broader management of content in all its forms. Content management is thus the collection of documents, emails, drawings, videos, and their interrelationships.

Making rich data tangible with OpenText

As a company, you are sitting on a goldmine of information, the only question is how to make optimal use of it when data is scattered across systems... OpenText has been among the leading documentmanagement companies for more than 20 years. Thanks to OpenText Extended ECM, you get a grip on your company data. Our consultants support you in plain language with the configuration and optimization of a unique OpenText environment that brings together all your data, both structured and unstructured.

Traditional systems rely on a folder structure as the basis of their workflow. These legacy systems make it challenging to determine where to store information and how to avoid duplicate content. Thanks to the unique application of OpenText Extended ECM, such documentmanagement challenges are a thing of the past. With the help of xECM, the relationship between your content and business objects in your ERP system is established.

2,5 hours 
That's how much time a knowledge worker spends on average per working day searching for information.

Are you already in charge or does information often slip through your fingers?

OpenText Extended ECM excels at centralizing data and provides guidance if you recognize yourself in the following situations:

  • To help your customers effectively, you always want to verify the agreed-upon details.
    → You gain a 360° view of your customers. 
  • When onboarding a new employee, you don't want to store the same data in five different systems.
    → There is a single source of truth.  
  • When drivers come to deliver materials, you want to see at glance what has been ordered and who the delivery is for.
    → You maintain control over information that transcends systems.

In short, it is essential to align information flows within the workflows of all your employees. A centralized and fully integrated CMS provides your employees with an overview and insight from start to finish.

Of company revenue is spent on creating, managing and distributing documents.

Why partner with delaware for document management? 

With our knowledge and experience, we help you gain insights and control over content, thereby increasing the value of your information. We have built up years of expertise in documentmanagement using OpenText. Our strength lies in integrations with back-end software, such as ERP and CRM systems. Our consultants support you in plain language with the configuration and optimization of a unique OpenText environment. You can rely on us: we commit, we deliver.

We help you leverage your business information with OpenText Extended ECM (xECM). Extended, because you can seamlessly work from your favorite applications, such as SAP, Salesforce, or Microsoft 365. All functionalities of xECM are readily available from a single central system. Moreover, the interface is intuitive, making it easy to navigate through xECM. This ensures that the right document is always within reach and available in the context of the work process.

You can rely on us: we commit. we deliver. 

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