Optimal B2B e-commerce for Heuschen & Schrouff with SAP Commerce Cloud

Jan 09, 2024
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Heuschen & Schrouff has been bringing the authentic flavors of Asia to Europe since 1963. The Limburg-based company wanted to better offer their impressive range of over 5,000 products online to B2B customers. Thanks to the help of delaware and the implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud, Heuschen & Schrouff now has a brand new web shop with current prices and stocks.

Too much time and too error-prone

“Ten years ago, we were a pioneer within our industry by launching a webshop for our B2B customers,” says Roger Stoffelen, Director Business Unit Ethnic at Heuschen & Schrouff. But that webshop still presented some challenges. “For example, the site did not show current stocks and prices,” Stoffelen continues. “Also, we were still receiving many orders through other channels, so we had to put those orders into our system manually. That took too much time and was too error-prone. That's why we wanted to strengthen our e-commerce platform and make it future-proof.”

Together with delaware, we have taken a valuable step toward providing even better service to our customers.
Roger Stoffelen, Director Business Unit Ethnic, Heuschen & Schrouff

SAP Commerce Cloud

By implementing SAP Commerce Cloud, delaware was able to shape a new Web shop and link it to SAP S/4HANA. “As a result, prices and inventory refresh continuously on the site,” says Stoffelen. “Also, the webshop has a fresh new design. Orders come in automatically, leaving us time to make more personal contact with our customers. For years, delaware has been our SAP partner and again we are very satisfied with this project. With expertise in the food industry and the right technical qualities, delaware is able to put down powerful solutions.”

Want to know more about the cooperation with delaware and how the implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud ensured even better customer service? Watch the success video below:

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