More insights into the numbers

At delaware, we see finance from a unique, IT-based point of view. We give the financial department at our customers the necessary tools to gain insights into their financial flows. Having adopted a very hands-on approach, we implement and configure existing IT systems to digitise and automate financial flows.

A 3-wave roadmap

To be able to outline our customers’ financial maturity, we have developed a financial roadmap. This 3-wave transformation model illustrates how a company can evolve from focusing on operational aspects that increase efficiency to using smart tools that create true value.

Our added value

As finance consultants, we use IT on a more functional level. We aren’t developers, nor programmers. We translate our customers’ financial processes into IT solutions, with a special focus on the SAP and Microsoft ecosystems. No need to be a computer scientist, though; the best finance consultants combine sound business knowledge with an affinity for IT.

the people who work here aren’t plain number crunchers. They think beyond debit, credit, P&Ls and balances
Sebastiaan De Roeck - Manager SAP Finance

Finance drives change

Are you ready to join in the thought process?

  • Let’s make accounting and billing run as smooth and automated as possible
  • Let’s use IT solutions to limit the time spent on repetitive tasks and guide our customers towards efficiency
  • Let’s give people the time to improve. Finance is the strategic driver of change!

Jobs in Finance

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