Well-being in various aspects

Mar 15, 2022

"We mainly want to be the one who cares about their employees.” The well-being and motivation of the #peopleofdelaware contribute to the added value of the company and make it shine. We all carry that message within us.

We deploy a wide range of well-being solutions for our employees and customers. After all, the well-being of employees is an important part of our culture.

That concern is directly reflected in the transformation of our HR department, which has been turning more to the human and less to "hard HR" for several years, such as through the introduction of the function of HR coach. "The goal is to be as close as possible to our employees. We want them to come to us if they have questions or problems, so that we can support and advise them. 

In addition to that coaching role, we also have a series of projects to optimize the employer experience within delaware," explains Barbara Van Engelandt, one of our HR coaches.

That more humanistic approach feeds a real desire to behave like a caring employer: "We don't just want to be the employer who pays the salary and hands out work. Above all, we want to be the employer who cares about their employees. We want to be there for them in good and bad times," explains the HR coach.

Well-being in various aspects

To do that, we have developed a wide range of well-being solutions based on different aspects: physical, mental and social. On the physical side, we encourage #peopleofdelaware to exercise. "For example, we have created an app where everyone can pass on their physical efforts and make donations based on the kilometers passed on." 

Ergonomics also occupies a central place in our needs: "We offer the possibility to use a second screen and an ergonomic mouse or to buy a good office chair, etc. After all, a good working environment is essential in the office and at home," adds Barbara Van Engelandt.

The mental well-being aspect is also very important to us. For example, we have launched the Best Possible You program, in addition to the wide range of training courses we offer. The aim of this program is to support the employee as well as possible and to ensure that they become aware of their strengths, their talents. The trick is to use the best version of yourself.

"The social aspect is also paramount. With teleworking, it has proven to be very important that we stay connected with our customers and colleagues. We have done everything we can to ensure that engagement remains, even at a distance," adds the HR coach. End-of-year gifts, Saint-Nicolas chocolate, delaware goodies, coffee truck, team events, etc. "All these little things help to keep our employees' involvement high and remind them that they belong to the #peopleofdelaware."

Fight against stress and burnout

As part of the large-scale wellbeing projects, we also provide training to all our managers to  recognise signs of stress and burnout. The guidance is an all-round concept. "After all, it is not easy to know how to guide someone who is not working: how to keep in touch with them? How can we not put pressure on them and just show them that we are there? "

In the long run, we realize that we need to re-find the right balance that has been lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It's about being flexible and finding a new way of working that meets the expectations of both customers and employees. 

"How do you integrate working from home? How can we optimise our offices? How can we meet the needs of our employees and customers? ", Barbara Engelandt wonders. The challenges are many at delaware, but we are ready to take them on.