Nutri-Score Calculator guides food companies to healthy recipes and up-to-date product labels

Jul 24, 2023
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The Nutri-Score provides consumers with guidance while shopping. At a single glance, they can identify which products have good or less favorable nutritional value, thanks to the letter and color combination. At the same time, the food industry is stepping up its efforts so that customers can enjoy healthy products. A logistical challenge that the Nutri-Score Calculator simplifies. Read on to find out how the tool guides you to healthy recipes and up-to-date product labels.

Continuous transparency, an ongoing challenge

Healthy eating is encouraged by the Nutri-Score. Although you are not obliged to mention the Nutri-Score on your products as a Dutch food company, you are making a difference on the store shelves. Consumers are more focused than ever on healthy eating. Products with clear product labels are enjoyed both literally and figuratively. The Nutri-Score Calculator has been specifically developed for players in the food industry who want to automatically calculate the nutrient score of their products to offer consumers more transparency.

From automatic calculations to up-to-date labels

Our Nutri-Score Calculator is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the food industry and keeping track of current market trends. We developed the software because calculating the Nutri-Score manually in several food companies required a lot of work. This is resolved by this tool, which automatically calculates your product's Nutri-Score based on your unique recipe. 

Bonus? You will receive insights while creating new recipes. This way, you can improve the nutritional value of products by modifying recipes at an early stage. Moreover, our solution is fully integrated into SAP's recipe development application, eliminating the need for manual spreadsheet calculations.

The following software specifications make it easier for you to implement the Nutri-Score:

  • Save time thanks to Single Source of Truth (SSOT) on product recipes
  • User-friendly maintenance
  • Automatically generate and list the correct Nutri-Scores on your product labels
  • Compatible with recipe development in SAP

Nutri-Score Calculation

Is the Nutri-Score a must-have or a nice-to-have?

The Nutri-Score is recommended by the governments of Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain. In Portugal, Switzerland, Slovenia and Austria food companies can use it on a voluntary basis. Healthy eating is gaining popularity across national borders. While Nutri-Scores are not mandatory everywhere, they always offer a helping hand to consumers looking for products with good nutritional value.

Curious about the power of the Nutri-Score Calculator?

Maarten Cordenier, Solution Owner and Partner at delaware, is happy to translate our product features into practical benefits for you. This way, you quickly discover the added value of the Nutri-Score Calculator for your food company.