Food in focus, safety assured

Nov 21, 2023

Unique recipes, fantastic flavours, and satisfied customers are the driving forces of your food business. But whether you're processing meat, producing confectionery, or delivering dairy, food safety is the standard in every segment and for every target group. Therefore, you cannot be active in the food industry without placing food safety at the top of your priority list. And rightly so!

Food safety is a matter of observation, measurement, and optimisation. The closer you are to your food and facts, the smaller the impact of unforeseen circumstances on your supply chain. 

Regulating and automating logistics is the first, perhaps even the most important, step in ensuring food safety. Every detail must be precise. For instance, inventory management accounts for allergens, and only ingredients used in the same batch should be present on the production line. Seamless alignment of your ERP with your business processes ensures complete traceability in the chain. 

Automation within production can also have a significant impact. Call it 'learning by doing', but digitally and under strict conditions. The best IT systems present your valuable data on a silver platter. You make patterns visible, enabling proactive process adjustments. This allows you to take action before problems actually occur.

Ensuring food safety in the food industry requires a combination of deep insight into all processes and technology. We work closely with our customers every day, and I can assure you: as the industry evolves, the meticulous focus on food safety remains the cornerstone of every successful food business. 

Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie

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