Dynamics & Delaware: The perfect partnership for professional services

Oct 27, 2023
  • Microsoft

The digitisation of the professional services industry has accelerated immensely in recent years. However, the rapid shift towards remote and hybrid work environments has also revealed critical gaps in many organisations’ connectivity. Expert project governance is crucial to adapt to those new ways of collaborating, improve performance and safeguard customer loyalty. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures professional services organisations don’t drown in a sea of applications.

Many challenges, one unique solution

The professional services industry is a broad sector with a wide variety of sub domains. There is however, one thing service-oriented organisations all have in common: they operate in a big, demanding market, and need a specific kind of support to face a range of challenges:

  1. Win more contracts;
  2. Optimise resource utilisation;
  3. Accelerate project delivery;
  4. Improve productivity, and simplify time and expenses;
  5. Maximise (and maintain) profitability.
people in office

The answer? Efficient project-centric practices, integrated into a set of cloud-based applications that leverage automation and collaboration.

Successfully tackling these challenges requires a unique approach. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Delaware come in.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: The modern business application ecosystem

The professional services industry needs a system that enables them to adapt, automate and optimise to achieve more. A platform where business data is securely available for everyone, and where every employee can easily collaborate without having to switch to another app. That’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a sophisticated, modern ecosystem.

It allows all personas (C-level executives, accountants, project managers, etc.) to interact in one easy-to-understand digital environment – collaborative, extensible and composable.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects all the different layers of an organisation: people, operations, processes, data, and more. The applications, which interact with any existing infrastructure, enable maximum operational excellence, project governance, and faster improvements with fewer (or the same) resources. That strong connection streamlines processes and makes them more visible, agile, and efficient.

Multiple applications, one interface

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem offers a blueprint for cross-organisation impact. Within the platform, Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Dynamics 365 Finance act as a single source of truth, connecting business processes with intelligence and data.

Professional Services in practice

That top layer is supported by a low-code power platform, where employees can build applications, automate processes, or use Power BI for extra insights. It also contains well-established productivity and collaboration tools (Teams, Excel, Word, Outlook, …), analytics tools, preconfigured applications and ISV solutions from partners.

All in all, it offers plenty of opportunities to address the challenges of the professional services industry. 

Ready to digitise your professional services?

Discover how connecting the right applications results in more productivity, insights and user friendliness and learn how to identify project activities and challenges efficiently.  

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