Integration: bridge the gap between business and IT

With best-of-breed IT landscapes on the rise, now is the time to connect your business processes, applications and stakeholders. However, the growth of system landscape complexity and their touchpoints with business partners have turned integration into a challenge of its own. How do you connect all the dots and maintain a sense of overview? Here’s how we can help you get – and stay – there.

guide: tackle your integration challenges with SmartLink – and ace the follow-up

Why integration matters

Every single day, flashy new applications vie for your attention, hoping that you’ll expand your IT infrastructure yet again. No worries – we know the feeling. But maybe your most recent implementation has sparked some questions. How do you align this new tool with your current processes and stakeholders? Which data does it need to maximize its value? And how will you monitor those?

Integration challenges

When left unchecked, IT fragmentation can lead to integration challenges, and you may find it hard to:

  • Manage the complicated spider’s web of your workflows and applications;
  • Unlock and monetize relevant data;
  • Establish a reliable, secure communication between internal and external systems;
  • Automate your business processes;
  • Pursue innovative projects, since your IT team struggles to keep your current infrastructure up and running;
  • Migrate to the cloud and transition to data-driven services;
Integration is like air: it’s always there, even though you can’t see it – but you definitely can’t live without it.
Pieterjan De Schrijver, solution lead integration
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Integrations with delaware: SmartLink

Our integrations team has developed a custom methodology to successfully complete even the most complex integrations: SmartLink. Together, we’ll shape an iron-clad and scalable integration strategy that respects your operational needs and strategic objectives.

Guide: what is SmartLink?

Our modular SmartLink solutions encompass a variety of packages, which you can mix and match to either kickstart or complete your integrations set-up. Aided by our end-to-end process expertise, we’ll build a secure reference architecture that includes all the monitoring tools you’ll ever need.

  • Standard code templates and prebuilt accelerators to minimize development effort;
  • A step-by-step method that takes into account your challenges, needs and goals;
  • Frequent synchronization sessions and thorough testing procedures;
  • A ‘master view’ to keep track of developments at all times;
  • A strong focus on your core business and close client collaboration.

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