ERP integration — why you need it?

ERP integration — why you need it?

ERP integration — why you need it? 

In this second episode of our podcast series on the digital world, we look at a surprising topic: the integration of an ERP with a digital platform. What if they don’t interact with each other? What does that mean for customer experience? According to digital experts Frédéric Forton and Olivier Cuvelier from delaware digital, companies already know that they need both a digital tool to communicate and reach their customers, and a management system to manage their accounting, purchasing, sales, and logistics.  

Where organizations go wrong, our experts explain, is in seeing their ERP and e-commerce platforms as two separate systems. 

In this podcast, they explain why a 360° approach is necessary to bring them together. Discover the hospital sector as a prime example of how you can provide your customers with a complete, more personalized, and well-integrated experience. 

Watch the video (in FR with EN subs) or listen to the podcast (in French). 

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