Digital talks

Digital talks

delaware digital talks

delaware digital talks is a series of 10 minutes talks in French. The first episode aired in June 2022. You can listen to the podcast in French or watch the video in French with English subtitles. 

In the series, experts analyze the digitalization of businesses in detail and look closely at every step of the journey. Aimed at everyone involved in digital B2B and B2C, it will help you better understand your objectives, roles, challenges, and the tools you use. You will also discover the definition of roadmaps, communication channels, and working methods.  

Where digital presence can take you

Do you still hesitate to take on the challenge of multichannel marketing, even though multichannel is the hot topic in digital marketing for the 2020s? If that’s the case, you definitely need to check out this final episode of our podcast series on digital marketing! read more

Why it’s never too late to build your e-commerce website

You still don’t know exactly how and where to start building your e-commerce website? If that’s the case, you should definitely watch this episode of our podcast series on digital marketing for valuable tips. read more

Personalization: your key to a satisfying customer experience

Many digital marketeers are still struggling to achieve mass customization. Are you one of them? If so, then this episode in our podcast series on digital marketing is a must listen for you! read more

B2B2C – an indispensable synergy

B2B2C – Previously, the B2B model was aimed at meeting the expectations of other companies, partners, or resellers, but now B2C is also essential, because the user experience has become ultra-important read more

Data and artificial intelligence (AI)

Data and artificial intelligence (AI), which are closely related, are conquering the world. Data can add value to companies, provided the data are used well and properly analyzed. read more

ERP integration — why you need it?

In this podcast, digital experts Frédéric Forton and Olivier Cuvelier from delaware digital explain why a 360° approach is necessary to bring ERP and e-commerce platforms together. Discover the hospital sector as a prime example of how you can provide your customers with a complete, more personalized, and well-integrated customer experience. read more

A better customer journey with DXP

At first glance, a digital experience platform (DXP) seems to be the perfect tool for companies that want to continuously improve their online footprint on different channels (websites, customer portals, and other digital engagement). But is it? Which parameters should you consider? Can you have all your tools in one place? What about multichannel content? read more