OpEx reduction roadmap

OpEx reduction roadmap

The shortest path to long-term operational excellence

Sooner or later, every business must figure out how to do more with less. Finding the right opportunities for OpEx reduction and reaching operational excellence requires a clear action plan. And a partner who can go beyond strategy and slide decks. 

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Why OpEx matters

For some companies, achieving operational excellence is always top of mind. For others, it becomes a focus point during challenging times. Organizations that successfully hold on to their strategic investments, emerge from any crisis with a considerable competitive advantage. The most effective way to do so? Reducing OpEx and striving for operational excellence. 

operational excellence allows you to increase production with the same resources, or to maintain production with fewer resources
Michael Bulthé, Supply Chain Transformation Lead

Uncover your OpEx reduction potential

Before you can achieve operational excellence, however, you need to identify the OpEx reduction potential that lays hidden in your organization. This requires a holistic screening of people, processes and technologies, e.g. skills, organization, software and hardware, etc. 

A concrete, step-by-step approach helps you identify, prioritize and make the right choices for the best business value. Get in touch with our experts via the form on the right to discuss the opportunities for your company.


How: 4 steps to lasting operational excellence

We developed a 4-step approach to lasting operational excellence. 

1. We assess

Screening your operations is a combined exercise involving delaware and industrial automation partners. 

The result is a comprehensive list of initiatives that will reduce your OpEx and increase efficiency. 

2. We roadmap

We’ll collaborate closely to prioritize your opportunities and pinpoint key dependencies. 

The result is a realistic roadmap with insights into all planned initiatives and their value delivery over time. 

3. We execute

We put ideas into practice and take steps to implement your operational excellence solutions.

4. We sustain

We guarantee long-term value. We’ll integrate operational excellence opportunities into your budgeting cycle, so we can maintain your cost optimization efforts and sustain their value.