delaware Wiki: moving to the cloud

delaware Wiki: moving to the cloud

As one of our customers, you already know the importance of Confluence (also known as Wiki) as a collaboration and documentation platform with our teams. We will migrate all current Wiki spaces to the Cloud in 2024. 

How will you benefit from Confluence Cloud?

Improving team efficiency and communication through a centralized hub for information sharing and organisation is already familiar to you. Let's take it a step further with additional features:

  • Modern Content Editing:
  • Extensive Template Library
  • Enhanced Branding Opportunities
  • Automated Workflows
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration
  • AI-Guided Content Editing
  • Innovative Collaboration Features

Why are we migrating to the Cloud?

We're upgrading our Wiki to the latest Atlassian Cloud product as part of our commitment to delivering the best and most secure applications. This move to Software as a Service (SaaS) enhances governance in our IT operations.

When are we migrating to the Cloud?

The migration begins on May 27th, 2024. We aim to migrate the majority of existing content and spaces by the end of July. 

What will this change for me when migrating Wiki to the Cloud?

As an end-user, you'll gain access to new content editing features. Additionally, the new Wiki will feature Single Sign-On (SSO) integration for seamless login. This means you will use a Microsoft Account to logon to our system in the future, instead of the username you use today.

What will happen to my content during the migration?

Content remaining on the old Wiki after November 2024 will be archived. Full decommissioning of the old environment is planned by December 2024.

Who to contact when I have questions?

Your Project Manager or Service Delivery Manager is the first person to contact if you have any questions. He or she will also reach out to you to prepare and/or inform you on any steps necessary from your end during our migration. 

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