Next-generation Enterprise Resource Planning

Next-generation Enterprise Resource Planning

How has ERP systems evolved?

Beginning in the 1960, the rise in factory production and gave rise to the start of Material Resource Planning (MRP). Overtime, greater extensions were added such as accounting, HR, CRM making up the modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The ERP solutions are now on the cloud with companies are utilising the ERP systems as a Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS).   

ERP is all about delivering operational excellence

Cloud ERP systems today empower organisations to face the challenges of today’s dynamic digital world.

The speed of economic and technological change means that agility and flexibility become key differentiators. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of your customers’ rapidly changing needs. Next-gen ERP offers advanced capabilities, in addition to core ERP features, they now allow you to streamline and optimise operations. Achieve the operational excellence and agility to give organisation the edge.

at delaware
our ERP experts combine detailed technical knowledge with the business experience to create real impacts for our customers

Streamlining & optimising process

For a long time, ERP systems have helped companies to streamline and optimise enterprise-wide processes. They cover a number of business activities, helping you to intelligently manage processes like finance and controlling, production planning and execution, planning, service and maintenance, stock management, sales and procurement and human resources.

The secret to the success of ERP? It helps centralise and harmonise your data, integrates all your processes and removes siloes within your enterprise. Next-gen ERP solutions extend your ERP core to help you thrive our rapidly changing world. 

Excel in a digital world

Digital innovation impacts every aspect of today’s businesses. Next-gen ERP solutions embrace the latest technologies, such as mobile, cloud, IoT and AI to help you boost operational excellence. They enable:

  • outstanding efficiency
  • excellent user experience
  • greater agility and flexibility
  • enhanced visibility and intelligence to boost decision-making
  • smarter collaboration

Harness the capabilities of a next-gen ERP

Advanced planning

Strive for shorter lead times, smaller order quantities, personalised products and diverse product mixes. Advanced planning tools help you ensure an efficient, flexible supply chain while keeping inventories small and costs low.

Discover advance planning → 

Invoice management

Traditional manual invoice processing is slow and error-prone and, as a result, costly. What if you could help your accounts payable (AP) staff to automatically process invoices? Witness a quick and impressive return-of-investment.

Discover invoice management →

Smart maintenance

Driven by innovations like big data, IoTs, machine learning, AR, maintenance is becoming increasingly smart. The benefits? Maximise time, boost productivity, reduce costs, extend equipment lifetime and ensure compliance.

Discover smart maintenance →

Field services

Customers want much more than high-quality products or solutions. They expect superior services, too. The right field service can help you make your services run like clockwork.

Discover field services →

Lot size one

Demand in personalised solutions and services has increased. To meet that need, manufacturing companies are adopting an ‘lot-size-one’ production approach. 

Discover lot size one →

Smart warehouse

New technologies are introduced into warehouses to meet their customers’ needs for ‘always faster & better’ deliveries. Optimise your warehouse to boost productivity and cut costs.

Discover smart warehouse →

Global trade

A growing web of regulations and duties make moving goods a complex and costly process. Global trade management solutions can help you ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Discover global trade →

Public cloud ERP

Many stuck to on-premise solutions or to the private cloud for security & compliance reasons, the public cloud is now rapidly gaining steam. How can it make your business future-proof?

Discover public cloud →

Strategic sourcing

New market requirements urge companies to look beyond purchase price and base sourcing decisions on the total cost of a product or service throughout its life cycle.

Discover strategic sourcing →

How can we help

Our experience with a wide range of ERP projects in enterprises of all sizes and sectors in Singapore and beyond has provided us with the expertise needed to guide you in your next-gen ERP journey. 

Our consultants have detailed knowledge of best-in-class technologies like SAP, Microsoft and the profound implementation and business experience required to help you define the ideal ERP solutions for your needs.

Our support to help you:

  • Assess your existing systems and needs
  • Translate needs into project deliverable
  • Define improvement programs and offer vision, strategy and a road map
  • Execute transformation at your company
  • Build your business process architecture, develop solutions & integrate them
  • Monitor your system and ensure continuous improvement
  • Boost adoption through change management, communication and training

Why work with delaware?

  • We offer a structured approach
  • We offer end-to-end solutions
  • We collaborate closely with your team
  • We have over 15 years of experience in business transformation across numerous industries

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