Doing an internship at delaware

delaware believes in giving young professionals every chance to find out what and who they want to become. That’s why we have an extensive internship program in place. If you are looking for an internship to complete your studies and put theory into practicethen you’ve found it!

So what is it exactly that you’re looking for in an internship?

We usually try to find out what your super power is and find you a team or project that fits your interests. Front end, back end, app or web development, business, supply chain, finance, operations, IoT, SAP,  AI, data – you name it, chances are high that we have an exciting and real case for you to work on.

What do we offer you during an internship at delaware?

  • Full ownership of your own project: you are in charge and decide how you tackle the challenge. In the end, you’ll be the expert on your internship topic and our colleagues will be happy to hear your thoughts. 
  • A environment with lot of learning and dedicated guidance by a team of consultants. 
  • An innovation project that brings actual value to us or our customers. As an intern, you won’t be running back and forth to the coffee machine. 
  • Most importantly: a fun work environment with awesome colleagues and team mates

How did these interns experience their time at delaware?

What do you need to know?

Some frequently asked questions about internships at delaware