High Tech Industry

High Tech Industry

Staying ever-ready for the next frontier of innovation

The high tech industry leads the way into an era of transformation; with innovations that drive across every industry from mining to hospitality. Seismic changes in innovation today will continue strong into 2025.

At delaware, we bring together the right tools and solutions to enable the successful digital transformation of high tech organisations. With business technology consulting services tailored to your company’s needs, we can help you build customer and supplier relations, drive revenue streams and scale new business models.

The evolving playing fields for the industry

Where delaware can help: Technology strategy consulting

delaware can guide high tech organisations as they continue to empower consumers, businesses, and governments with new, digital capabilities leveraging cloud, mobile, and social. We are a global information technology consulting firm that can provide value to both small businesses and large enterprises in the following domains: 

Why work with delaware?

Founded in 1981, delaware have been active in the SAP market since 1996. Based on our broad business knowledge and proven track record in delivering quality solutions for improved customer experience, operational excellence and business insights, we aim to be a game-changer in the high tech industry.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We use our broad industry knowledge and best practices to deliver advanced information technology strategies and consulting services, enabling companies to enrich and speed up the implementation process.

Create direct value for your business

Classic ERP software solutions enhance your business processes and indirectly help you expand indirectly by increasing efficiency. But with delaware’s innovation-driven solutions developed specifically for high tech organisations, you’ll be able to directly create added value on multiple levels.
New challenges and opportunities continue to push high tech companies to rethink their products, business models and processes. We will witness transformations in the engagement tactics with customers, partners, and their entire ecosystem over time. Being proactive can make a difference, allowing you to stay on top of the game.

Ganiel De Guzman

Industry Lead High Tech

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