Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Moving to the cloud to cope with the speed of innovation

Cloud computing is a model for delivering and consuming IT services that are ubiquitously accessible, where the technical details of the delivered services are not visible to the IT consumers.

We live in a world  where everything is connected with tremendous amounts of data are generated each day. These evolutions will demand enormous computing power. We are convinced that no single company will be able to deliver the required power by depending on its on-premise infrastructure alone. Cloud is the the only way forward.

At delaware, we believe that the power of the cloud will facilitate access to innovation. Cloud environments blur the boundaries within and between companies and create new opportunities to grow towards truly smart.

by moving to the cloud, organisations can focus on what matters most to them

What going on the cloud means for business

Faster time to market

To be able to capitalize on the latest market trends, organisations need to be agile and adopt new technologies at a rapid pace. The cloud transforms traditional on-premise implementations – which can take months – into a matter of hours.

Focus on the business

By moving to the cloud, organisations can focus on their core activities. Instead of being involved in IT implementation projects, they can analyse their customers’ needs, develop new products and generate more revenue.

Driver for innovation and differentiation

The cloud unlocks access to massive computing power, lowering the threshold to innovation. Even more, the cloud allows organizations to differentiate themselves through fast adoptions of software innovations.

Lower total cost of ownership

A cloud environment allows expansion or contraction as required. This enables organizations to add or remove computing power to meet their real-time demand, freeing up capital for investments that are more closely linked to the core business.

Supporting a smart, connected world

Consumers want to be able to access content on their preferred device at any time. Businesses are rapidly taking advantage of this evolution – which could hardly exist without the cloud. 

Start making the shift

While business leaders used to be skeptical about cloud computing, they are increasingly sourcing cloud solutions, sometimes even without consulting their IT departments. IT buying power is shifting to the lines of business, forcing IT departments to take on other roles. 

Thanks to our traditionally strong contacts in IT, delaware can support IT departments in making this shift. We help them to have a positive say in the cloud journey and support them in guaranteeing the continuity of IT services.

How delaware can help

delaware holds all the crucial cards to becoming the preferred partner for enterprises that want to embark on their cloud journeys.

  • Thanks to our roots as an integrator and our collaborative approach, customers are in safe hands.
  • We are an end-to-end partner for organizations that choose SAP or Microsoft as their primary software vendor.
  • Thanks to our in-house team of consultants, we are a trusted advisor that guides customers along every step of the growth path towards a truly smart and connected organization.
  • We use a realistic ‘to the cloud’ roadmap and guarantee working solutions. As a service provider, we manage IT environments based on SLAs and take full responsibility for delivering IT as a service.
  • Last but not least, we are also a challenger, continually stimulating our customers to make use of the new opportunities that the cloud brings.

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